GuaraMate™ “ULTRA” blend bulk powder


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Product Description

Bulk powder is the favorite option for those who prefer the “ULTRA” blend over “ORIGINAL” blend, and are able to capsulize it themselves.  Keep in mind the taste is rather bitter.  The featured picture is of 5 ounces of “ULTRA”  blend powder.  Notice the one-way-vacume-valve on our bag, that is squeezed after the bag is sealed so that air is pushed out and product is kept exceptionally fresh!  Once you break the seal by opening the bag for the first time, you can close it again with the ziplock and push remaining air out the valve yourself to keep it fresh.  Enjoy!

20 capsules weighs approximately 14 grams.

100 capsules weighs approximately 70 grams.

200 capsules weights approximately 140 grams, and 5 ounces is exactly 141.75 grams.  That means, that the same amount of product that is priced at $175 in bulk “ULTRA” capsules is available to you as bulk “ULTRA” powder for only $139!




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