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Although people have been mixing Guarana with Yerba Mate for many years, GuaraMate™ was improved upon and  made popular in her part of Brazil, by an herbalist named, Rosinha.  She is the one that first started getting the Guarana in it’s RAW form and insisting that it be used in the unprocessed form!  Years later it was “discovered” that this is actually the form that is both good for your body and delivers the most “feel-good” effects.  She goes by “Tia Rose” which means, “Auntie Rose ” in Brazilian Portuguese.  Auntie Rose has recently started exporting GuaraMate™ to the United States, where it is distributed through a family friend in North Texas.

The Original Blend GuaraMate™ is also available, and will be available on this site very soon.  If you want to order in very high amounts directly from Brazil and don’t mind waiting a couple weeks maximum for it to arrive at your location, please email me!  tiarose@guaramate.com

Store owners are encouraged to contact us about our interdictory offers on low prices in the USA.

We have given our so many free samples already, and instead of continuing to give a few people free samples, the have lowered our prices considerably, so that everyone can afford to try and join our community of happy users!   So please,  let me know how you love our incredible GuaraMate™!

Thank you to those of you who have tried us out already, and I’m looking forward to meeting more and more of you!  This has been a very fun adventure already and I’m very thankful for all the goodness that the world of herbs and natural living has brought us!

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Auntie Rosinha


Or if you are in the USA and you have any questions you can call my niece (682)651-5405

"Brazil in a cup!"